Domestication of horses maybe earlier than thought

For the archaelogical crowd (or the linguistics folks re origins and spread of Indo-European) there’s an interesting piece  here .  The new evidence suggest domestication perhaps earlier than 3000 BC.

By way of contrast, dogs were first domesticated about 12,000 BC and the domestication of sheep, cattle, and goats around 8,000 or 9,000 BC (the same period when cereal crops were domesticated) in the middle east.  This latter period holds particular interest for some (myself included) because it marks the point in human history where we shifted from nomadic hunter/gather societies moving seasonally to a society of permanent settlements (the first real cities).  This shift also marks a sharp rise in human populations but also a shift in how societies organized themselves.   

If you’d like to read about a truly remarkable archaeological site demonstrating human activity right at this significant cusp in our past, see  Catal Huyuk


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