Matt Bai’s NY Times Magazine piece on Gingrich, “Newt, Again”

I’ll note and link it here but it’s really not very interesting or informative, unfortunately, other than in giving some glimpse of what the fellow is up to currently (which certainly could prove important in the next two or four years).

A much more interesting and revealing study of the man was written by Joan Didion for The New York Review of Books,  later included in a compilation of her essays for them, titled “Political Fictions”, a truly invaluable book for those interested in American politics over the last two or three decades.

For a mere $3, you can order her piece on Gingrich from the NYR archives right here right now.  You’ve got some better use for 12 measely quarters?


2 responses to “Matt Bai’s NY Times Magazine piece on Gingrich, “Newt, Again”

  1. I think I may just need to buy that book, instead. I remember reading that article in Big Al’s Diner while waiting for you to meet me in Blaine… I remember that you were thrilled that i was reading the NY Review of Books and I remember wishing i did it more often.

  2. I’ll loan it to you, And I’ve got tons of old NYRB, all wonderful in variety and dependable in quality. Serious penalties for no return or loss.

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