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Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann

These are the two Republicans who best represent the party and America.  In 2012, I believe the two should run for the presidential nomination and Christ, guiding the voters, will choose which of these two soldiers for Truth and the American Way is best to lead us.

Please support this effort.


Such a putz

Weekly Standard’s Michael Goldfarb – putznick

check out the update with Petraeus

Who here is surprised?

Development costs for the Pentagon’s major weapons systems soared last year, helping drive overruns that are “staggering,” the Government Accountability Office said in a report released yesterday.

Step one, read here. Step two, go buy a pitchfork.

h/t TPM


So much to read…just got started reading Michael Tomasky’s piece from the latest NYRB and wanted to link it here for you all but it is one of the pieces for which money is required.

But dagnabit, it’s only $3 measly bucks so make the investment.

Washington: Will the Lobbyists Win?

But if you’re the cheap sort, for free you get Mark Danner’s extraordinary¬†¬† “US Torture: Voices From The Black Sites”

Ten greatest TV Freudian slips

More than a little bit funny

big h/t to the always dependable Andrew Sullivan and if you aren’t reading his blog, at least now and again, call up rent-a-nun for help with the discipline thing

No surprise

IDF decides to drop Gaza misconduct probe

John Bolton will be unhappy

Administration dropts terminology “Global War On Terror”