Jonah Goldberg is not very bright

Jonah writes for the LA Times and National Review and others.  Why?  I don’t know.  Perhaps the things he says about the educational system have merit.  He is compelling evidence for his thesis.

His column in the NR this morning includes this gripping title and thoughtful passage:

The Politics of Fear

…President Obama, whose whole campaign was about hope over fear, has been scaring the dickens out of people lately. He has certainly terrified the stock market. He’s warned of “catastrophe” and economic “disaster” from which we may never recover.

What’s particularly odious about Obama’s scare tactics is…

To begin, and just as a reminder, where did the fellow come from?   Wikipedia does a little bio:

Goldberg’s career as a pundit was launched following his mother Lucianne Goldberg‘s role in the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, when he wrote about the “media siege” on his mother’s apartment in the The New Yorker.[4][5]

Goldberg has spoken of his mother and the Lewinsky scandal:

My mother was the one who advised Linda Tripp to record her conversations with Monica Lewinsky and to save the dress. I was privy to some of that stuff, and when the administration set about to destroy Lewinsky, Tripp, and my mom, I defended my mom and by extension Tripp…I have zero desire to have those arguments again. I did my bit in the trenches of Clinton’s trousers.[6]

OK, so that ought to qualify him adequately for syndication.  But he writes real books too!  His recent one is a deep, tempered, careful analysis, “Liberal Fascism”.  That’s a splendid title as well, I think.  It catches your attention in the manner of “Metal Carpentry”.  But let’s get back to his column from this morning, “The Politics of Fear”.

“Fear politics”,  we are instructed, are naughty.  People can get frightened and might over-react, perhaps even bash their teeth out on big rocks or go hunting the scalps of the powdered-wig crowd.  “Fear politics” ought really not to be engaged in, is the lesson.  And we thank Jonah for it.   

What else can Jonah teach us? 

 Is [Iraq under Saddam]  likely that if it got weapons of mass destruction, it would use them recklessly? Check!  Is it working very hard to get weapons of mass destruction? Check! 


When Barack Obama campaigns, he’s basically saying, ‘I’m a silver bullet. I’m going to solve all your problems just by electing me.’ FDR, Hitler, all these guys, they basically said, ‘All your problems can be solved.’ “

And my personal favorite:

Hypocrisy is bad, but it’s not the worst vice in the world.


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