Yup, Coleman now is pushing for a re-do of the entire election

From numerous statements coming from Coleman’s lawyers over the last weeks of the court case (that is, as Coleman has lost ruling after ruling and as his chances become slimmer and slimmer to win this case) indicated a strategy of pushing for a do-over of the entire election.  And now, as Kleefeld at TPM (who has been on top of this court case throughout) notes, Coleman himself is publicly pushing it.

The talk from the Coleman campaign about how the Minnesota election results are unreliable, and that a do-over election could be an option, has now gone beyond just Norm Coleman’s lawyers — it’s now coming from the mouth of Norm himself.

Coleman did an interview with Sirius conservative talk-radio host Andrew Wilkow, and discussed the campaign’s argument that the court’s current strict standards for allowing in previously-rejected ballots must by extension render illegal a whole lot of ballots accepted and counted on Election Night, when local election officials used lax standards:

“What does the court do?” Norm asked rhetorically. “Yeah, you know some folks are now talking about simply saying run it again, just run it again.”

Eric’s piece is here


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