Quote of the day – “Timely reminder” category

“Reagan proved deficits don’t matter.”  Dick Cheney, 2002

This puts into proper and truthful perspective the deceitful and propagandist campaign coming out of the modern Republican party and the conservative movement with its claims that:

1) Republicans have a history of fiscal prudence when in power

2) that Reagan was a ‘fiscal conservative’ as regards government spending and debt

h/t Andrew Sullivan


2 responses to “Quote of the day – “Timely reminder” category

  1. The Conservative movement is all but dead. People really aren’t falling for their ridiculous sentiments any more.

  2. Thanks for the comment, f.

    Clearly, the movement is badly damaged. Two elections and now, polling which suggests that these trends will continue. But this is a period of foment and god knows what is up the road over the next two years or four years. Their base is highly ideological and though it is being chipped away (and independent-minded people are streaming out) there remains a persavive propaganda machine in place that works to keep the base angered, scared and active.
    I suspect the war ain’t over.

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