Andrew Card – he’s got his finger on the fashion pulse of America

OK.  He’s relaxing.  But still.

About a month ago, Card saw fit to excoriate the present administration for dropping the suit/tie dress code of the previous administration.  Decorum, and all that.  Assaults on the constitution, politicization of the D of J, lying a nation into a war that kills perhaps a million people and the institutionalization of torture is only properly done by the formally attired.  What could be more obvious or sensible?  One might argue, I suppose, that this is all a tad like the Vatican insisting that pedophile priests keep their hair trimmed above the ears but I haven’t seen that argument made.

What do the great unwashed/unjacketed think? 

68 percent are okay with a more “relaxed and casual” dress code, while 26 percent think a coat and tie should be required in the Oval Office.   D’oh!

h/t  Think Progress



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