Anyone surprised?

As Republican whip, Mr. Cantor succeeded again on Friday in denying the White House the support of a single House Republican on the stimulus bill. That was a calculated challenge to the president, who, in his weekly address on Saturday, hailed the bill as “an ambitious plan at a time we badly need it.”

Mr. Cantor said he had studied Mr. Gingrich’s years in power and had been in regular touch with him as he sought to help his party find the right tone and message. Indeed, one of Mr. Gingrich’s leading victories in unifying his caucus against Mr. Clinton’s package of tax increases to balance the budget in 1993 has been echoed in the events of the last few weeks.   continue reading

The reprise of Newt’s obstructionist strategy has been obvious.  Cantor, with helpful mentoring from Newt, will play this obstructionist game regardless of the present financial crisis and other critical issues.  

The morality of this strategy?  Imagine a fireman who wishes to unseat and replace the present popular Fire Chief  and who punctures the tires of the fire truck with the intention that the Chief’s efforts to put out fires will be crippled, thus making him look bad.


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